Their is no denying Frankie's heart and tenacity when he takes the hill

In an article posted by Mike Axisa of, he posted these comments by Andy Martino of the New York Daily News.

“Instead of signing someone like Jonathan Papelbon or Heath Bell this winter for three or four years, a team could pick up that option and have K-Rod for a year and a half,” said one NL executive.“That could be very tempting, and the Mets might actually get a prospect back in that case.”

My Spin: I have felt this way the whole since I heard about his option.  He is a very tradeable commodity for the Mets for a number of reasons.  As Martino points out, he could very useful for a team who really needs top closer, who is already locked.  They would have to pay a large base salary for one season, but they also aren’t committing themselves to 30-40 million for guys like Papelbon and Bell over 3-4 years.  I could see a team like Boston being interested since they are losing Papelbon and Bard has struggled a bit this season in the setup role.  I also think that a teams like who don’t have shut down closers and are going to be in the playoff chase such as the Brewers, Cardinals and Rays could be interested.

Another scenario would be for him to be move to a team and be the primary set up man. This would stop the 17.5M option in it’s tracks.  Teams that have elite closers, but lack stability in the setup role such as the Yankees, if Soriano does not recover, or the Dodgers could come calling.

KRod is having a great season so far, recently going through a stretch where he nailed down 15 consecutive saves.  He is not doubt one of the top 5 closers in Baseball, and has been since he burst onto the scene for the Angels.  He is one of the main reasons the Mets are even near contention.  His stability at the back of the bullpen has enabled this team to win games despite having 70% of the starting lineup missing.  Frankie has had his ups and downs here in New York, but there is no denying his ability.  He walks the tightrope in most save opportunities, but he gets even better once batters reach base.  Any team in a pennant race would lucky to have him closing games or being of the, if not the best setup man in the game.