Great news Mets fans!  We have another injury on our hands, make that two injuries.  Of course the injury bug strikes a guy like Niese who we want to keep pitching to gain any and all experience going into next season.  Hairston had been playing very well for us, but had not seen much action lately with Lucas Duda gaining a lot of playing time.

Jon Niese headed to DL with injured rib cage, Terry Collins said. Scott Hairston also pulled rib cage. He's headed to DL too.
Adam Rubin

I know that the Mets had some thoughts of shutting down NIese around the 180 innings pitched mark, so this might be not be such a bad thing.  Although I’m sure they did not want his season to possibly end like this.  If this is the end of his season, he will end 11-11 with a 4.40 ERA.  Not quite the year we had hoped from the young lefty.