Joe D. From Metsmerized brought this my attention in a post he wrote the other day on the possible changes to be made this off-season.

From what I remember hearing earlier this season players were not having as much difficult hitting home runs at Citi Field.  I guess that changed as the season went on.

Last season, they were ranked as the fourth hardest park to hit a home run out of.

Regardless of what kind of home run hitters we have on this team that is a telling sign. That factors in all of the other teams that come in here and play against us, and from the numbers it appears that they have difficulty too.

I was kinda on the fence about all of the changes the could possibly take place this offseason the dimensions at Citi Field.  However, I am beginning to warm up to the idea of having some more offense and more home runs.

I still believe that it’s just the ball park, it’s also the players you have playing in it.  Although when you sit back and actually think about it, a big park takes more home runs away from guys like Willie Harris, Ruben Tejada and David Wright.  The big guys like Ike Davis and Lucas Duda will get their home runs because they have tremendous power.  They may lose a few, but they will still hit plenty.

At this point I am all for the potential changes to the dimensions at Citi Field.  I am beginning to be really intrigued as to what they will change and how it will look and play out next season.  I am very curious to find out if it will actually make a difference.